Wonderflow – The CookBook

Keen & Hazey are WonderFlow.
“The Cookbook” is a collection of a bunch of tracks these guys have been working on this year.

You may be familiar with some of these songs from guest spots on DJ Kross and Elyon Beats releases, or their remix contest entries but there are also a few unreleased songs you might not have heard yet. This release features other talented artists such as JunoFlo, Marchitect and Awon, and production by DJ Kross, Elyon Beats, Thomas Prime, Marcus D and Larkz.
The CookBook is available to stream or download for free, so there is no reason for you not to check this out!



WonderFlow – The Cookbook by Hazey Eightytwo on Mixcloud



Track Listing

01. Elyon Beats – The JazzHop (feat. Keen & Hazey)
02. Keen & Hazey – Time’s Flowing (prod. by DJ Kross)
03. Thomas Prime – All We Got Is Us Remix (feat.

Keen & Hazey)
04. DJ Kross – About Life (feat. Awon & Hazey)
05. Keen & Hazey – Lost Treasure (prod. by DJ Kross)
06. Elyon Beats – WonderFlow Style (feat. Keen & Hazey)
07. DJ Kross – It’s All Love (feat. Junoflo, Marchitect, Keen, Formosir, Kharisma)
08. Marcus D – Don’t Hold Ya Breath Remix (feat. Hazey, Tron & Keen)
09. Hazey – Triple Twelves (prod. by Larkz)
10. Keen – A Child Is Born (prod. by DJ Kross)


CookBook - Back Cover