They call me Larkz and I make beats, what more can I say?

After developing a strong passion for music through my high school years and becoming extremely intrigued by the way producers such as DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, Nujabes and J Dilla flipped samples, I found a way to express myself through music, and haven’t looked back.

My ‘sound’ is constantly developing and depending on the mood I’m in, it could range anywhere from hard hitting boom bap beats to a mellow jazzy hip hop instrumental that will tell a story in itself.

I have just released an EP with Melbourne MC J Universal called “The Universal Odyssey“, and am currently working on a solo release, which will also feature a number of artists.

I also have some stuff in the works with Kharisma, Wonderflow, Kee Words, and more.

So keep an eye out!

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